Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor came into our consciousness when we learned that after awakening from sleep, she became the victim of a police home invasion and was hit with eight (8) bullets dying within minutes.  Her boyfriend discharged one shot at what he thought was a break-in called 911 for help inadvertently shooting one police officer in the leg. This unleashed a barrage of bullets into their home and hallway where Breonna was standing. Her boyfriend was not injured, later arrested, charged and recently released without charge. Both he and Breonna were law abiding citizens without any criminal record. Her job was as an EMT Emergency Medical Technicians for two locations. A 26-year-old with a full life in front of her was the subject of street protest where 7 people were shot in her hometown of Louisville May 28, 2020. Part of what sparked the protests in Louisville was due to the death, in police custody, of George Floyd during Memorial Day weekend.

Breonna Taylor has a short story because her life was shortened on March 13, 2020. She was a considered a good person of the many who knew her. In youth and beauty, Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend were planning on marrying and starting a family. One intersection with police ended in her losing her life. When enforcement officers get a judge’s court order to pursue suspects (already in custody) at the wrong address (Breonna’s residence) using lethal force, destroyed the hopes and dreams of a very positive young African American woman. Not fair? Adding to this is the marriage of the attorney general of Kentucky to Mitch McConnells grand daughter and has yet in his professional status has not charged any officer involved with any kind of charges. People are still protesting in the streets. Just recently Oprah’s Magazine has posted large signage around her town of Louisville, Kentucky to protest injustice of Breonna Taylor. She has captured the imagination of many young women who have become victims of our policing and serves as a symbol of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Her loss of life was unfair and needs accountability.

Breonna loss of live is also our loss. Think on the devastating effects of 400 years of slavery on all the behaviors, institutions and systems that were put in place to make this kind of unaccountable incompetence salvageable for perpetrators. Think what it does to those who are generational victims of unanswered racism that still need resolution. Until we do address injustice to Breonna Taylor, the American Dream will remain a hallowed concept under our constitution being real for some and unbelievable for others. 

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