Tamika Mallory activist against gun violence, police violence, and organizer

Tamika Mallory is the daughter of activist/organizing parents and co-founding members of the National Action Network with Al Sharpton. Even with this influence, she pondered seriously her acceptance as a spokesperson having suffered the loss of her husband to gun violence. Tamika a natural expression of her opinion could not be stymied by this momentary doubt. She was convinced that by sharing her story she could create an opening for herself. Eventually, by aligning her beliefs with life circumstance she was able to tell her story and became embraced by the movement using her skills as an organizer and activist. She became one of the planners for the 2017 Women’s March one day after POTUS 45’s inauguration that attracted five (5) million women involved nationally and globally. This event gave her a very high profile leading to questions about her relationship with Louis Farrakhan of Elijah Muhammed Muslim sect. This disagreement with Jewish women co-organizers created tension at the top of the organization.

Tamika already had passion against gun-violence due to mistaken identity that ended up in the murder of her son’s father. She also joined the board of Black Lives Matter board and is a public speaker at rallies particularly at one in Wisconsin after the murder of George Floyd. She is also represents the National Action Network. At thirty years old Tamika Mallory is well positioned to become one of our national perhaps international human rights leader now and in the near future. She has taken an important path that is more demanding than ever and she is our protagonist. 

Article by Lillian L Thompson, Lillianonline.us