Rachel Lyndsay is the first African American Bachelorette in the franchise history. She got chosen by the nation of fans who have kept this show so popular for over a decade. This evening (air date June 26th) as she was evaluating one of her pursuers, admitted to being in the shadow of her sister, who was out there as the prettiest and more popular before she came into her own. That process kept her self confidence from blooming at the same rate as her beauty and charm and may have kept her from showing more of her feelings instead being a skeptic. Despite all of this she had come full circle, showing us her realness, ‘keeping it 100’ by opening up completely to a group of men with an open mind and heart. This takes courage folks.

She is showing us what it takes to confront, dig deep, be observant, curious, questioning, while peeling back layers of the personalities who present  them best selves to her. It is not entirely clear how she feels about each person, as what we speculate from what is seen on camera. All one can do is watch her actions and project which guys are preferred.

The beauty of this show are the number of ‘brothers’ (black men) who are willing to come onto a program of this nature to risk a high level of exposure to compete for her affections. It also gives up a glimpse of their unique qualities and personalities. On the other side of that coin are the young white men who are equally as open and vying for Rachel’s love. Most are solid too and open to finding love.

Rachel has done an amazing job of weeding out the players, sorting her true feelings, and bringing a value system in conjunction with her lawyerly skill set to evaluate, listen, and trust her instincts. While there may have been breakdowns, frustrations, disappointments, and tough decisions, she has definitely shown a great amount of poise. All the men say she is the complete package: beauty, brains, and personality. She is also has a very charming look and is by nature seductive in her style. She says being physical is important which means a lot of kissing and hugging. She is doing what so many women struggle with and that is being open without prejudice to find a husband amongst qualified guys.

She has shown intent and integrity in her voyage expressing self reflection, and her self assurance. Rachel is not just the first this or that on the Bachelorette, she is perhaps one of the best that has been on the show. I hope she finds the true love of her life that will make her very happy. I understand that she is already engaged as we watch weekly on delayed TV viewing. This means she found someone who met her criteria of ‘not boring’ her, and offering a fun filled  life of excitement and adventure.

I am so proud of this version of the Afro Woman Protagonist, beautiful, charming, authentic, strong, clear headed, and mature. Go Rachel Go! Thank you for having the courage to take the Bachelorette to another level. We appreciate you. (Drawing by Lillianonline) lillianonline.us 

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