“I am Jurisconsult, passionate public lecturer and broadcaster. However, I am most recognized for being a long-standing researcher, campaigner, spokesperson and public opinion former on holistic reparations for Afrikans and their descendants worldwide.” 

Her webpage quote is at www.esterstanford.com. I have been able to discern from readings that Esther is a citizen of Britain a result of her parents seeking stability as immigrants from war torn regions in Africa. This may have robbed her of being a born on the soil, yet her spirit, passion and determination places her in the heart and soul of the continent and the desire to repatriate the homeland.

Her focus on reparations (financial compensation for the atrocity of slave trading) has as much to do with self-repair whereby the African consciousness is at the level of awareness to address conflicting issues such as poverty on the most abundant continent. She believes that serious assessment is needed of our deep knowledge base and inability to use it to uplift the continent. Because of this, she insists that Pan-Africanism would engage all people of African descent to come together to tackle and undo the harm done by the Transatlantic Slave Trade that divided countries unnaturally based on European nationals’ interest. Further she points to redefining what works best for the continent in terms of laws and governance. Her experience as an attorney in Western culture recognizes that policies may not work for Africa. She envisions different systems than what is perceived as most appropriate today: ’rule of law’ and democracy. What of a ‘Pan African State Union’? A ‘Black World League of Nations’? Self repair that does away with land grabbing, planting on land for non-continent countries, managing immigration of Europeans, eliminating food riots, and poverty. Her work is raising consciousness and global awareness including the development of curriculum to educate at the university levels worldwide on reparations, racism and discrimination for people of African descent. She is now considered one of the top leaders for the Global African Diaspora. Her speaking ability and visionary thinking enlightens many who may not have given much thought to a movement for the history and sake of maintaining our rich cultural heritage on the African Continent. She is a ‘Global Afro Woman Protagonist’. www.lillianonline.us












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