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‘Badassboz’ Self-Branded Instagram Sensation

Bozoma Saint John, became Chief Brand Officer at Uber June 8, 2017. A power house marketing super star rises from within Pepsi to close a deal with Beyonce, then moves into Beats before a three month later Apple acquisition. Bozoma Saint John increased Apple Music’s subscriber base  by 20 million during her three year tenure, before moving on to Uber. Her claims of seeking danger and being a change agent puts her squarely in the eyes of many who have come to expect great things.

It is clear to those who admire Saint John, like recent Uber CEO, Travis Kalanik, quoted, “Boz has a long track record of successfully creating emotional connections between people and the products they love…” “Her creativity and deep understanding of consumers will allow us to build the same love and appreciation for Uber’s brand as we’ve built for Uber’s service.” This challenge with Uber is within Bozoma’s ‘danger’ zone where the arrogant male dominated leadership culture’s unfair treatment of women (even drivers), had become legendary.

Our protagonist (leading lady), Bozeman Saint John, along with her own brand on Instagram as ‘Badassboz’, is a force to be reckoned with. Being the opposite of the culture she now represents, in almost every way (‘have you seen her?’), naturally makes her as disruptive as it gets. Let’s watch and see how her brand reinvents Uber. We have confidence that Saint John’s influence will raise the bar very high for Uber in appealing to a wider consumer base. Bozoma is showing us that a personal brand could supersede any job, and this new trend according to LinkedIn is where top professionals are going. “Hone what you have inside” is a quote and advice from Saint John. At Lillianonline, we declare her next level executive. Visit our website at lillianonline.us.