Crystal Griner, Capital Police Agent, was just doing her job, the day she yelled, ‘drop your weapon’. A very private person became public. She attended Hood College where she played basketball. She is an athlete at 5’9” height and stature. Many say all we experience and learn comes together in one moment. The gunman from Illinois brought forth that moment for Officer Griner, who’s competitive spirit under pressure, raised her voice yelling at the shooter to ‘drop his weapon’, thereby bringing attention to herself, distracting the gunman, and taking a bullet in her ankle.  By springing into action, running towards the gunman, and just doing her job, Crystal saved the lives of many U.S. House Representatives.  Her actions were epic .  Crystal’s moment of truth prevented a massacre of ‘monumental proportions’ exemplifying unparalleled bravery. 

Crystal is our protagonist!  She is an example of a lead character coming from obscurity into the national limelight. Her demeanor, discretion, focus, and commitment makes her a national model and overnight sensation and shows the best of what America has to offer in the mist of crisis!   Lillianonline acknowledges Crystal Griner as an ‘influential’ woman and deserving of appreciation and recognition. Thank you for your service to our nation. (Drawing by Lillianonline.) See more art at

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